Episode 2-2: To cake or not to cake

19 Sep

Show notes to be posted later


3 Responses to “Episode 2-2: To cake or not to cake”

  1. Jeri September 19, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    You asked about caking yarn or not on this podcast. I’m not sure where the poll is as I didn’t find it on your rav group. I have pretty strong feelings about caked yarn. I think that yarn should be wound into a cake just before it is knit. If someone is selling yarn in a destash and it is in the original skein with label, it can be like new. I consider caked yarn to be “used” and suspect whether it’s been stored properly or not. Tightly caking yarn, like some you showed, can be damaging to the yarn, and I’d not buy any yarn that had been tightly caked.
    Whether yarn is reskeined or not matters not to me.
    And while we’re on the subject of yarn, I’m not sure why so many indie dyers are so tied to the merino bandwagon. I will no longer use merino for socks. It just isn’t worth it to spend my time knitting socks with yarn that just doesn’t last. Soft isn’t everything.

  2. lisa September 29, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    hey,, love the show..
    would love to knit a square for the mom.. wonderful charity by the way. ( must search through my stash:_)
    So, you don’t have your spindles for sale yet ? or you do ? not sure i could afford one , but just wondering what the prices are cuz they look lovely.. I currently have a lot of wonderful roving to spin & can you believe , Only one spindle..
    the one I loved using & made from tonka toys & old cds, came apart .. UGH..

    anyway God Bless.

  3. lisa September 29, 2011 at 11:58 pm #

    LOL.. me again. I am further along in this current podcast & wanted to give you a thumbs up!! I have dealt w/depression off and on. I too am the type that makes up my mind to be better this year…… 🙂
    SO I am eager to hear how you deal with it & esp. how your faith plays a part,
    I am also a Christian, I gain real strength through Jesus Christ.
    when I was at my lowest point I had to be outside as much as possible .. why does that make a person feel better , I don’t know. But as I walked ( I live in the country: Iowa) I would sing . This is the Day that the Lord Hath made. I WILL BE GLAD & rejoice in it.. 🙂
    4 yrs later I still have off days. I have to pull myself up & say.. Go DO something for someone else .. don’t sit here & think ……….. pray , sing & DO !!
    anyway.. my 2 cents ..
    eager to hear more. together we can get through this winter & maybe actually enjoy it 🙂

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